The Ultimate Guide to

Preparing for a Better Postpartum

Set yourself up for a better postpartum Experience in just  10-Days 

yOu Give birth… And then what?

 Most birth education gets you through the actual birth and maybe the first few hours after… 

But then what happens? 

  With so much of the focus on birth, many expecting couples simply forget to plan (or plan just wing it) when it comes to postpartum. 


Sound familiar?

Don't get it twisted… 

Planning is NOT buying a bunch of baby gear, baby proofing the house, designing a pinterest perfect nursery, or even stocking the freezer with meals

A better postpartum plan is…


Knowing who you're going to call when shit gets hard


Establishing expectations and division of labor (before you're totally sleep deprived and wondering why the hell no one has done dishes)


Making sure your and your family's  physical and emotional needs are met


Identifying where and what kind of support you'll need and knowing what is available and accessible to you. 


Setting boundaries and making sure everyone is on the same page


Navigating the logistics of bringing a new human into the mix, whether this is your first or fifth time. 


Connecting with your own identity so you don't feel lost in the throes of parenting


for a Better Postpartum

This 10-day email course breaks down the daunting task of postpartum planning into manageable daily tasks that take 15 minutes or less. 
Whether this is your first or fifth postpartum adventure, you'll get the tools to make a tailored plan for your specific needs postpartum.  That way you can relax and enjoy this special time with your new baby.


Let’s take a look at what’s inside


What’s inside the course?


What to Expect in the 4th Trimester
Uncover what's normal and how to prepare for those early days and weeks as a new parent.


Setting Up Your Support Team
You don't (and shouldn't) have to go it alone. Get the help you need for a successful transition to parenting


Postpartum Nutrition
Nourish your body and support healing as you recover from birth


Whole Body Healing
Manage pain, support healing and return to exercise and movement in a safe and effective way.


Sleep Support
Maximize your rest when you're sleep deprived


Establishing Boundaries
You get to set the rules. Set clear boundaries and make sure everyone is on the same page.


Babyproofing your Relationship
Strengthen your bond as a couple and embrace parenting together


Staying True to You 
Find the balance between being a parent and maintaining your identity.


Managing the Workload
Discover strategies to prioritize tasks, delegate responsibilities, and manage the mental load of parenting


Building Your Personalized Plan
Put it all together into a simple and effective plan to make your postpartum transition as smooth as possible

Just $67 

When You enroll…

You'll Get: 


A customizable workbook to organize your thoughts and ideas as you plan for postpartum


Easy printables to help everyone stay on the same page


Nutritious and delicious recipes for meals and snacks during postpartum


Budgeting worksheet to help you stay on track financially


Tips & resources to help you manage stress during postpartum 


A list of the exact postpartum products and tools we used to support our clients healing and overall  wellbeing 

DOula & Perinatal Coach

Liz Winters


Hey you! I'm Liz! 

I’m a chocolate-loving nutritionist, doula, pre- & postnatal coach, and total birth nerd. I’m a mom of 4 raising 3 kids in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

And like you, I looked to my first postpartum experience and it was a big question mark. Like I have the diapers and 1 million onesies-- I’m set, right? Wrong... 

There's so much I wish I knew and prepared for before my first kiddo was born. It would have made life SO MUCH EASIER and normalized so much of the struggle that made me feel isolated. 

So now I use my experience as a fellow parent and expertise as a birth worker to help expecting parents like you prepare for the realities of postpartum, so you can feel calm and confident as you navigate the unknowns of this  season. 

REady for an empowered postpartum experience?

If you have 15 minutes, you have time to plan for postpartum. 

This course is streamlined into 10-days covering the most important topics you need to discuss. It's delivered directly to your inbox; no extra log-ins to remember, no apps to download and you can work through each day's homework with your partner in just 15 minutes. 

Sounds pretty simple right? Good! 

Because let's face it: you have enough on your plate at the end of pregnancy and if it's not easy to do at this point, it's not going to happen.


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